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The Abraham S. Fischler College of Education and School of Criminal Justice learning community is pleased and excited to have you participate in the 2023 Summer Institute virtually via Zoom and Canvas. Your active and engaged participation represents the next step in your journey towards personal and professional fulfillment, career advancement, and most of all conferral of your doctoral degree. Throughout the Institute journey, you will participate in authentic, engaging, and pragmatic activities designed to enable you to gain knowledge and insights to grow as a scholar, leader, teacher, and student.  

On your invigorating journey, you will be joined by your pre-eminent faculty, fellow students, doctoral advisors, college and university leaders, and dissertation chairs. You will have the unique opportunity to network, collaborate, and share information with classmates in your classes and fellow students enrolled in other programs in a virtual learning community environment. Always keep in mind that NSU IS YOU! You are a valued and significant member of the Fischler College of Education and School of Criminal Justice. So, get your FINS UP for making the most informed and valuable decision to join your learning community family during the 2023 Summer Institute.

The sections below provide information on what participants can expect from the 2023 Summer Institute in addition to the overall Institute agenda.

Registration for the Summer 2023 semester will open March 27 and will close on May 7, 2023.

First Time Participants (Doctoral Students)

As a first-time participating doctoral student (regardless if you are a first-year student or have not yet met the Institute requirement), this year’s Summer Institute will provide students with opportunities to explore topics related to your chosen area of concentration and to acquire knowledge and skills that will assist you in successfully completing the program. In addition, there will be activities that will encourage dialogue, collegiality, and networking among your fellow students and concentration faculty.

If this is your first year in the program, you are not required to participate in the 2023 Summer Institute. If for some reason you cannot participate this year, we look forward to seeing you at the 2024 Summer Institute. 

If this is your second year or longer in the program and you have yet to meet the program requirement of participating in at least one Institute, you are required to participate in the 2023 Summer Institute to fulfill this graduation requirement. Participation in one Summer Institute is a requirement for graduation.

Returning Students

All students who have previously participated in a Summer Institute but have not yet completed their dissertation or Strategic Research Project can take advantage of this opportunity to move closer to the completion of their program. This year’s Institute will be virtual, there will be a variety of sessions/workshops offered to assist students in making progress on the applied dissertation or Strategic Research Project and to reach your academic goals satisfactorily. In addition, there will be a variety of activities that will encourage dialogue, collegiality, and networking among your fellow students, dissertation chairs, and concentration faculty.

Students will be placed into one of three conference pathways based on where they are in the program.

  • First-Year Experience (FYE) Pathway: The FYE Pathway is for students in their first or second year that have yet to select their capstone experience (i.e., Dissertation or Strategic Research Project [SRP]).
  • Applied Dissertation (AD) Pathway: The AD Pathway is for students that are currently in the dissertation process (i.e., have already registered for one or more dissertation benchmarks).
  • Strategic Research Project (SRP) Pathway: The SRP Pathway is for students that are planning to complete the SRP.

To assist with planning and to be sure you are assigned to the correct pathway we will be sending a survey out to all students via the Summer Institute Canvas course the first week of Summer term classes.

We will begin the institute on Thursday afternoon with a Welcome, Orientation, and Keynote address. On Friday, all students will follow the same schedule. We will have sessions to help you be successful in the doctoral program, including library and technical writing sessions, as well as opportunities to network and socialize with faculty and fellow classmates. On Saturday, all students will attend pathway-specific workshops blending direct instruction with focused support from faculty, dissertation chairs, librarians, and writing consultants to apply the knowledge gained and complete the required artifacts.

The overall goal of this year’s virtual summer institute is to immerse students in a 3-day learning experience with opportunities to engage with other students and faculty and provide students with the information and tools needed to be a successful Ed.D. student. Please see below for a draft of the schedule.

Information to be provided at a later date.

Information to be provided at a later date.

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