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How To Get A Field Placement

Steps to Obtain a Field Placement in ALL Courses Other than Undergraduate 12-Week Internship

All School-Based Field Placements must be arranged through the Office of Placement Services.

Please contact our office as soon as you have registered for a course requiring participation in a PreK-12 classroom.

Email the Placement Request Form to Jodi Miller at with your entire semester's schedule. Please include any additional information that could aid the request process, such as, if you are employed by the school district in any capacity or have a current security clearance.

Lillian Greico
Assistant Director  

(954) 547-0144

Jodi Miller
Field & Practicum Placement Coordinator

(954) 262-5364

Each school district determines how school-based field placements are arranged with their district's schools. Direct school contact by teacher candidates is not permitted without prior approval from the Office of Placement Services. Because the amount of time needed to secure school-based field placement varies by school district, students need to request placement immediately after registering for a course that requires any activity in a PreK-12 classroom or school. Requests should be made no later than Week 1 of class. Placements in some school districts can take as long as four weeks.

If you are requesting your first placement, the first step is Security Clearance (background check). Once obtained, it is your responsibility to keep your Security Clearance current throughout your program. Please note that most school districts require an annual renewal of a Security Clearance, and this may require an additional fee.

The procedures for obtaining a School-Based Field Placement depend on the location. Not adhering to a school district's specified procedures could result in a violation of NSU's agreement with that district and a withdrawal of privileges for NSU students to complete activities in that district's schools.

Note: Upon completion of a School-Based Field Placement assignment, you must report the completion. Instructions will be provided by the course instructor or you may contact the Office of Placement Services for assistance.

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