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Graduate Teacher Education Program

The Master of Science (M.S.) in Education offers professional and aspiring teachers and administrators a challenging and rewarding educational experience. Through its numerous specialization and certification/licensure options, current educators may add new certification/licensure areas and endorsements to their existing teaching certificate/license, renew their current certification/licensure areas, and increase their levels of expertise within their chosen specializations. Students with bachelor's degrees in other fields can also find specialization and certification/licensure options to enter the teaching profession. The M.S. in Education focuses on growth in professional practice, application of current research and theory to each student's professional work, acquisition and enhancement of leadership capacities, and the achievement of career objectives. Technological advancement will continue to move program delivery forward, enabling students to obtain their degrees in new and exciting ways, and from virtually any location.

Many of the M.S. in Education courses at Nova Southeastern University are designed to prepare PreK-12 educators with the knowledge and skills that they need for today's schools. These specialization programs of study are based on the Florida Educator Accomplished Practices that are based on the InTASC (Interstate New Teacher Assessment and Support Consortium) Core Standards. Competence in each Florida Educator Accomplished Practices, at the preprofessional level, is evaluated through course activities, assignments, and portfolio artifacts. The M.S. in Education offers students with a bachelor's and/or graduate degree various opportunities to meet their educational, career, and professional goals. All specializations within the major share a common instructional system and mission, but each is designed to meet different needs. The program's goals are to prepare educators to meet the challenges of the profession and to reinforce the importance of the role of an educator in rapidly changing political, economic, and social environments.

Important Note: All applicants must register for EDU 5000: Orientation to the Graduate Teacher Education Program during the first session/term. The orientation is a requirement for all students.

Conceptual Framework

In order to provide quality programs that prepare effective educators, Nova Southeastern University provides teacher education programs that are structured around a conceptual framework (SUNRISE) that includes the following elements and characteristics:

  • Standards-based instructional and leadership programs that link theory to practice with the
  • Use of data for evaluation, ethical decision-making, and intervention for the
  • Needs and accommodations for diverse students who provide
  • Reflective and ethical practice based on meaningful field and clinical experiences as part of
  • Innovative and convenient postsecondary delivery systems with a
  • Shared responsibility for quality education programs and professional advocacy with stakeholders with an
  • Emphasis on technology and best practices for dynamic learning environments
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