We're Here for You

Once you’re a Shark, you’re family. Fischler College of Education’s faculty and staff show you a level of personal attention you can’t find anywhere else.

Your priorities and goals become our own. We genuinely want you to succeed, and we constantly nurture one-to-one relationships that guide you forward. Our educational experience helps you grow. Our daily dedication helps you thrive.

Counselors That Care

You can find a powerful ally in our Admissions and Academic Advisors. From your first day through graduation, they are your reassuring go-to resource that keeps your best interests in mind. Look to them to ensure your academic program stays on track with graduation requirements and your career goals. Listen as they pitch in to solve problems or assist with any concerns. They’ll be there every step of the way.

Meet Our Counselors

Lenny Jacobskind Ed.D. Director of Graduate Admissions
lenny@nova.edu 954-262-8358
Zeida N. Rodriguez, MIBA Assistant Director of Graduate Admissions
zeida@nova.edu 954-262-8483
Kenneth Beneby Academic Advisor
kb268@nova.edu 561-805-2114
Joyce Davis Academic Advisor
joycdavi@nova.edu 954-262-7957
Hollis Horton Academic Advisor
hhollis@nova.edu 954-262-8655
Rochelle Klein Academic Advisor
kleinr@nova.edu 954-262-8407

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