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Dr. Kimberly Durham

Kimberly DurhamIf there’s one thing you should know about Dr. Kim Durham, it’s that she truly cares for students.

“For me, I love working with students,” Dr. Durham said. “It’s why I’m here. I love seeing students facing a challenge, working hard and succeeding. I love watching faculty work with students, helping them along their educational journey.”

And she should know something about helping students, having been at NSU for nearly 30 years. When she first started, she was a crisis clinician in one of NSU’s on-campus clinics. She quickly moved up, being charged as a supervisor of case management. Then, as you would expect, she was running the clinic as the director.

Her rise continued, being named the Associate Dean for Social and Systemic Studies to then the Executive Dean at the Fischler College of Education, a post she held for 13 years. From there, she helped create the Department of Human Services for the university, and oversaw that program as the Dean, then Department Chair.

Now, Dr. Durham has returned from whence she came, serving as Dean for the Fischler College of Education. In the time she’s been away from the college of education, she’s seen a few things change on the educational landscape.

“In terms of NSU, aside from the physical changes on campus, the biggest change is we have a much stronger focus on research,” she said. “The interdisciplinary approach really engages all facets of our university in this endeavor. That doesn’t mean we’ve turned away from our students; we can still be actively engaged with them as well – just imagine the problems we can solve together.”

Over the years, in collaboration with community partners, Dr. Durham has facilitated a number of initiatives aimed at easing the transition to civilian life for returning military veterans and their families, including NSU’s newly established Veterans Resource Center. In addition, she provides oversight for the NSU-Broward Sheriff’s Office partnership, which has resulted in educational and research opportunities, national and local conferences, and community outreach for Broward Sheriff’s Office employees and the community.

Dr. Durham remains very approachable – for students, faculty, staff and visitors. Always quick with a smile, she’s ready to help with whatever might be troubling you. She is a servant leader – someone who is usually at the head of the line leading the way, rather than behind others simply giving orders.

“For me, I’ve always been someone who is ‘willing to make the coffee’,” she said. “Leading by example is how I do things – it’s the only way I know how.”

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