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Joining the NSU Family: What That Means

Earning your graduate degree is a challenging goal on its own – add in a full-time job and family and returning to school can seem like a daunting mountain to climb.

While almost every university promises to support students, as our alumni will tell you, NSU goes beyond what’s customary.

From the moment you join us, you are warmly welcomed into a close-knit group, with supportive counselors and caring professors.

Tens of thousands of our alumni started with the same doubts you may have. We helped them when needed; motivated them during bumpy times; and pushed them to achieve more than they thought possible.

Even After You Graduate, The Support Continues

There are 65,000+ alumni working in public, private and non-profit sectors worldwide: hundreds of superintendents, university and college presidents…tens of thousands of administrators, educators, development leaders and HR executives. You’ll find NSU family members virtually everywhere you go.

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