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No matter which career path find yourself in, the Fischler College of Education's master’s, specialist and doctoral programs can help you take that next step so you can be a better classroom teacher, school or district administrator or corporate leader. Earning your advanced degree will open new doors for you – some of which you may not have even known existed. You’re ready – and we’re ready to help.

Curriculum, Instruction & Technology (M.S.)

Use technology to design and deliver innovative programs in classrooms or boardrooms.

Educational Leadership (M.S.)

Florida and Nevada state-approved program

Focus on elevating your leadership skills through practical application and strategic understanding of the social, political, and economic influences of education.

Exceptional Student Education (M.S.)

Improve learning opportunities for children with special learning needs.

Leadership (M.S.)

Build leadership expertise and translate leadership perspectives and applications into your profession: successfully organizing, motivating and leading others to achieve organizational goals.

Spanish Language Education (M.S.)

Expand your understanding of Spanish language and culture while developing techniques to foster language acquisition for your students.

Educational Leadership (Ed.S.)

Florida and Nevada state-approved program

Use planning and research to improve K-12 schools, districts, and other learning environments.

Curriculum, Instruction, Management & Administration (Ed.S.)

Develop, evaluate, and implement curricular programs designed to help your school district and its students succeed.

Educational Leadership (Ed.D.)

Solve real-world problems through project-based planning and implementation; advocate for school improvement; boost administrative competencies and navigate educational trends in a changing world.

Higher Education Leadership (Ed.D.)

Improve the academic and administrative performance of your higher education institution.

Instructional Technology & Distance Education (Ed.D.)

Take teaching and learning practices in your organization to the next level with technology.

Organizational Leadership (Ed.D.)

Develop the ability to implement effective policy; raise achievement standards; and expand adult learners’ capacity to achieve goals; solving real-world problems through a project-based structure.

Special Education (Ed.D.)

Gain critical skills in advocacy, policy development, management, and administration of special education programs.

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