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With NSU's online and hybrid delivery for master and doctoral degree programs, going back to school means advancing your career while still meeting work and family schedules. Attend classes, complete assignments and take exams when and where it is most convenient for you. At the same time, you’ll never be shortchanged by the quality of your education or the level of personalized interaction you’ll enjoy from professors and fellow students.

  • Our platform is user-friendly, designed to maximize professor and student interaction.
  • No special technology skills are needed. If you’re comfortable using a computer and going online, you’ll be fine.
  • Should you ever need help with anything, there is a staffed support team standing by for fast assistance.

Start When You're Ready

Here’s another thing to consider – most schools have the traditional winter and fall semesters, with some summer courses. However, most students start in fall.

At NSU, you can start when you’re ready: fall, winter or summer. Everyone’s schedule is different, and rather than asking you to fit ours, we work around your busy life instead.

Who says you have to get an education in only one way?

At NSU, we make it more convenient because we’ve been in your shoes: we know that one size truly doesn’t fit all.

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6 Big Career Advantages of Online Learning

Most educators are surprised to discover that earning their graduate degree online includes many advantages traditional brick and mortar classes can't match. See for yourself.


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