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Minor In Education

There is currently a need for elementary education, exceptional student education, and secondary education level content area teachers. The Undergraduate Teacher Education Program offers a minor in education that will allow students majoring in English, history, math, life science, or other majors the opportunity to take educational coursework that may provide opportunities to obtain employment in Grade K-12 classrooms. The education minor will give students the strong foundation in teaching necessary to be accepted into an alternative certification program and enter the teaching profession.

Students must have a minimum of 30 and no more than 90 credits to enroll in these courses. In addition, the required 10 hours of field experiences for each course must be completed in an area elementary, middle, or high school. Students will be required to complete any security clearance processes required by the local school district. For more information regarding policies and necessary procedures, please refer to the following Web site: Office of Placement Services.

Courses in the Minor (18 credits)

All students minoring in education will need to complete the following:

EDUC 3330 - Integrating Instructional Technology in The Classroom (3 credits)
Presents strategies for technological integration into the classroom curriculum in elementary/secondary learning environments. Hands-on experiences will allow students to apply teaching practices and research to specific learning needs of typical and atypical learners. In addition to class meetings, a minimum of 5 hours in school & (5) virtual observation hours are required.
Pre-Requisites: COMP 1500, COMP 2000, COMP 2020, MATH 1040

ESOL 3340 - Survey of TESOL for Teachers (3 credits)
This course will assist participants in identifying and selecting instructional strategies, approaches, and materials for the development of listening, speaking, reading and writing skills in ESOL classrooms. Knowledge of these elements will be demonstrated by development and presentation of lesson plans appropriately based on age, language proficiency, cultural background and learning styles. A 10 hour field experience is required for this course.
Pre-Requisites: ESOL 2903

EDUC 3350 - Survey of Exceptional Student Education (3 credits)
Foundations in exceptional student education in which historical perspectives, student characteristics, prevalence, incidence, etiology and medical aspects of exceptional learners are discussed. Techniques of prevention and intervention, from infancy through adulthood, are explored through classification processes, the continuum of services and the utilization of community services. Current trends and issues will be investigated. In addition to class meetings, a minimum of 10 hours of observation and participation in a field setting is required.
Pre-Requisites: COMP 1500, COMP 2000, COMP 2020, MATH 1040, MATH 1050

EDUC 3360 - Educational Psychology (3 credits)
This course combines the two fields of psychology and education. It is the scientific study of human beings and the principles by which learning can be increased and directed by education. Students will learn about principles of development, learning, assessment, and motivation, among other areas of study for prospective teachers to consider as they analyze student behavior and make decisions for instruction.
Pre-Requisites: None

EDUC 3525 - Practices of Instruction  (3 credits)
Practices of Instruction focuses on building teacher candidates’ repertoire of instructional practices and lesson planning skills. Candidates learn about six pedagogical models: presentation, concept teaching, direct instruction, cooperative learning, problem-based instruction, and discussion. Candidates apply their knowledge of the instructional practices as they learn how to plan a lesson that promotes students’ achievement. This course is ESOL infused.
Prerequisite: EDUC 3360.

Choose 3 credits from the following:

ELEM 4320 - Elementary Classroom Management (3 credits)
This course examines the knowledge base and repertoire for effective classroom management in the elementary school classroom. Teacher candidates are required to apply their knowledge and repertoire in an actual elementary classroom. This course is ESOL infused and requires ten hours of field experiences.
Pre-Requisites: EDUC 3360, EDUC 3525, EDUC 3535

ESED 4320 - Classroom Management for Typical and Atypical Learners in the Multicultural Classroom (3 credits)
This course examines classroom management as the interrelationship of appropriate curricula, methods, materials, student behavior, family factors, and teacher behavior from culturally diverse perspectives. Additionally, this course addressed the classroom management needs of students with Emotional/Behavioral Disorders (EBD), focusing on the history, identification, and screening/evaluation approaches. Academic and data-based ethical behavioral strategies for intervention are discussed and applied. A minimum of 10 hours of field experience in a classroom is required. This course is ESOL infused.
Pre-Requisites: EDUC 3330, EDUC 3350, EDUC 3360, ESED 3535, ESED 3570, ESOL 3340

SECE 4320 - Secondary Classroom Management (3 credits)
This course examines the knowledge base and repertoire for effective classroom management for the middle and secondary school classroom. Course work is tied to state standards (e.g., Florida Educator Accomplished Practices [FEAPs], Interstate Teacher Assessment and Support Consortium). Teacher candidates are required to apply their classroom management knowledge base and repertoire in an actual middle or secondary school classroom; therefore, ten hours of field experiences are required. This course is ESOL infused.
Pre-Requisites: None

Financial Aid: 1-800-806-3680

Enrollment Counselor: 1-800-986-3223 Ext. 28500

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