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Bachelor’s in Computer Science Education

With Nova Southeastern University’s Bachelor of Science in Computer Science Education degree, you’ll have the opportunity to teach the software engineers, data scientists and cybersecurity experts that will be shaping the future of business and technology. You’ll receive a solid foundation in education, but also a comprehensive set of methods courses specifically designed for computer science instruction. Such courses will include computer programming, data structures, web programming and design and software engineering. 

The bachelor's program in Computer Science Education is 120 credit hours. The program consists of a general education section, a core course section and the concentration.

EDUC 2010 Foundations of Education 3
ESOL 2903 Cross-Cultural Studies 3
ESOL 3340 Survey of TESOL for Teachers 3
EDUC 3350 Survey of Exceptional Student Education 3
CSIS 1800 Introduction to Computer and Information Science 3
CSIS 2101 Fundamentals of Computer Programming 4
EDUC 3525 Practices of Instruction 3
EDUC 3535 Educational Assessment 3
CSIS 2050 Discrete Mathematics 4
CSIS 3500 Networks and Data Communication 4
CSIS 4530 Database Management 3
CSIS 3101 Advanced Computer Programming 4
CSIS 3400 Data Structures 4
SECE 4320F Secondary Classroom Management 3
CSIS 3020 Web Programming and Design 3
CSIS 4020 Mobile Computing 3
SECE 4560 Methods of Teaching Secondary Reading 3
CSIS 3750 Software Engineering 4
SECE 4380F Methods of Teaching Computer Science 3
CSIS 4311 Web Services and Systems 3
EDUC 4510 Diversity and Ethics 3
CSIS 4010 Computer Security 3
TECH 4950 Internship in Information Technology 3
Florida Teacher Cert. Exam. - Gen. Knowledge Test
Florida Teacher Cert. Exam. - Subject Area Examination
Florida Teacher Cert. Exam. - Professional Educator Test
Total Major Credits 74


See the entire program at a glance. The four-year plan of study will assist you in planning your future at NSU. It presents an overall idea of the order in which courses might be taken in a four-year plan during a student's college career. 

2021-2022 4-Year Plan of Study

2022-2023 4-Year Plan of Study

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