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David B. Ross

David Ross
Department of Education
(954) 262-8398


  • Ed.D. Florida Atlantic University
  • Ed. S. Florida Atlantic University
  • M.J.P.M. Florida Atlantic University
  • B.S. Northern Illinois University
  • Executive Certificate in Public Management Florida Atlantic University

Dr. David B. Ross, a professor at Nova Southeastern University, teaches doctoral level courses in educational, organizational, and higher educational leadership.  Learning from many perspectives and philosophies from mentors while attending Northern Illinois University, the University of Alabama, and Florida Atlantic University, has assisted him in guiding students in the learning process.  Dr. Ross earned his Doctorate in Educational Leadership, Master of Justice Policy Management with an Executive Certificate in Public Management at Florida Atlantic University, and his Bachelor of Science Degree in Computer Science at Northern Illinois University.  Dr. Ross regularly speaks at conferences and provides consultation and training in the areas of leadership and management, policy issues, critical thinking, team building, professional development, academic writing, education, and behavior management.  He has written articles and book chapters on leadership, power, narcissism, organizational stress, academic integrity, plagiarism and fraud, entitlement, mobbing/bullying, Gerontechnology, policy development, professional development, and areas of homeland security.  Dr. Ross is a co-editor of a book titled Higher Education Challenges for Migrant and Refugee Students in a Global World.  Dr. Ross is a dissertation chair and a reviewer for the university’s Institutional Review Board. Dr. Ross was named Professor of the Year 2015-2016 for the Abraham S. Fischler College of Education.

Dr. Ross is a retired Criminal Investigator/Agent with extensive-applied supervisory and field operations experience involving complex federal, state, local, and international crime; covert-clandestine operative and worked with informants; smuggling, profiling and drug interdiction; public order crime; asset forfeiture, money laundering, and conspiracy; wire and mail fraud; development of evidence for use in sworn affidavits, arrest and search and seizure warrants, pen registers; public and political corruption, technical operations including wire-oral intercepts, high technical human, stationary and aircraft/marine surveillance; intelligence-led programs, and RICO Act crimes.

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