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Michael W. Gaffley, Ed.D.

Michael Gaffley
Associate Professor
Department of Education
(954) 262-8629
Office: Room 4141 DeSantis


  • Ed.D - Nova Southeastern University

Dr. Michael W. G. Gaffley, CYC-P, is an Associate Program Professor in the Department of Educational Leadership and School Administration at the Abraham S. Fischler College of Education at Nova Southeastern University (NSU).  He is also a graduate of Nova Southeastern University. He is a certified Professional Development Specialist. He teaches courses in Leadership, Human Resource Development, Leading Change, Diversity and Ethics. He is a Florida DOE certified Clinical Educator. He facilitates capacity building in national programs such as Head Start, NBCDI and Community Action Agencies. He is one of the founding members of the Black Heritage Council. He is proficient in the art and science of experiential learning, reflective practice, paradigm shifts, relational education and lifestyle negotiations in diverse contexts. He is a board member of Central Academy in Palatka, Florida. He directed intervention work with sexually, physically and emotionally abused children and youth, as well as with foster care and socially excluded families in high risk environments. He is a certified Child and Youth Care Practitioner (CYC-P). He worked with the Mandela government to implement the Reconstruction and Development Program (RDP). He was a leader in a nation’s transformation from apartheid to a human rights culture. He believes that stagnant people cannot lead transformation. During this transformation process, from apartheid to democracy, he developed Cultureal, a leadership and organizational capacity building, education, training and technical assistance model facilitating the comprehensive recruitment, training, development and management of the human capital investment in organizations. He has keynoted, presented and inspired at various national and international conferences around the world.  He is the recipient of numerous meritorious and academic awards for his accomplishments in difficult times, amongst others, Outstanding Student Achievement Award from NSU, Mayoral and Chairman’s commendations and the Provincial Government’s commendation for leadership during the transformation process. He recently published his first book about his struggle for identity in the nuanced reality of apartheid South Africa. Flatline to change: Identity, reality, conflict, engagement. Product of South Africa

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