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Curriculum, Instruction, Management & Administration

The educational specialist (Ed.S.) with a specialization in curriculum, instruction, management and administration at the Fischler College of Education prepares educators as effective educational and instructional leaders. The curriculum and instruction degree helps provide educators with the skills to develop and evaluate curriculum and curricular programs, with an emphasis on district-level leadership. Course content is research based and infuses best practices in education. Through delivery in the cluster format, students progress through the specialization and complete all requirements for a curriculum and instruction degree in one year.

Who Should Apply

  • Practicing curriculum developers, instructional leaders, administrators, and teachers who wish to obtain a graduate degree and increase their expertise in their current field; OR
  • Individuals with a master's degree who wish to obtain a graduate degree and increase their knowledge and skills in curriculum, instruction, management, and administration.
  • Completed admission application packet, including a $50 nonrefundable application fee made payable to Nova Southeastern University
  • Official transcript indicating conferral of a master's degree by a regionally accredited institution (3.0 minimum cumulative grade-point average required)
  • Official transcripts from all previously attended postsecondary institutions

Courses must be taken in the following sequence, and in the cluster format:


Course Number Course Title and Description Credits
EDU 5000 Orientation to the Graduate Teacher Education Program 0

CIMA 700


CIT 502

Educational Inquiry and Electronic Research Technologies


Research in Education: Process and Evaluation


CIMA 712


IDT 8012

Management for Curriculum and Instruction


Management and Evaluation of ITDE



Course Number Course Title and Description Credits
CIMA 705 Today's Educational Leader 3
CIMA 706 Managing Change in the Educational Environment 3


Course Number Course Title and Description Credits
CIMA 715 Educational Diversity and Community 3
CIMA 707 Reconceptualizing Curriculum 3


Course Number Course Title and Description Credits
CIMA 717 Curricular Product Evaluation 3
Elective Choose one three-credit graduate course 3


Course Number Course Title and Description Credits

CIMA 702


CIT 501

Curriculum and Instruction: Trends and Issues


Curriculum and Instruction

CIMA 720 Seminar in Program Synthesis 3


Coursework for the curriculum instruction management and administration specialization is available online only. The online delivery option is especially convenient for international students and those who don’t live near our South Florida campuses, and allows students to receive and submit coursework and interact with participants and professors via the Internet. The distance education delivery option allows busy professionals the option to complete their degrees without having to leave their jobs or travel long distances.

The seminar in program synthesis is one of many practical applications included in the curriculum, instruction, management, and administration specialization. This culminating experience is the final step in the completion of the program. It is based on reflection, and focusing on analysis and synthesis, it provides the student with an opportunity to prepare a detailed statement of where the field is and where it is going. The course will also include practical applications of the research process to the student's professional settings. The Learning Program Review will provide the student with the opportunity to look back on the entire degree program in order to examine how it has contributed to the student’s intellectual and personal development. It also includes all learning experiences that have taken place during the students NSU program.

Faculty members in the Department of Higher Education Leadership & Instructional Technology are dedicated to preparing you for roles as leaders, researchers, and policy makers in local, state, national and global education agencies, organizations, and institutions. Hailing from NSU and other major universities and institutions throughout the country and around the world, our faculty are highly respected professional practitioners and recognized scholars who are carefully selected on the basis of their subject area expertise, teaching abilities, and professional involvement. Furthermore, they are united in their desire to not only educate, but to inspire students to use what they learn to motivate others.

Meet the Faculty and Staff of the Department of Higher Education Leadership & Instructional Technology

  • Satisfactory completion of all required coursework
  • Cumulative grade-point average of 3.0 or higher
  • Completed application for degree

Students are advised to contact their department of education or an Enrollment Services Representative (Academic Advisor) to determine if this program is suitable for certification/licensure and their career goals. It is the responsibility of each student to contact his or her state department of education regarding certification, recertification, and/or endorsement requirements.

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