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Bachelor's in Secondary Social Studies Education Curriculum

Teaching social sciences to students in middle school and high school gives you the opportunity to educate our future political leaders, historians and economists. Nova Southeastern University’s Bachelor of Science in Secondary Social Studies Education provides a comprehensive set of methods courses specifically designed for social studies instruction and assessment.

NSU’s B.S. in Secondary Social Studies Education features a specialty component with a variety of social science courses that comprise the content of the Florida Department of Education-approved Secondary Social Sciences Education major.

The bachelor's program in Secondary Social Studies Education is 120 credit hours. The program consists of a general education section, a core course section and the concentration.

*RAZT 1050 Fundamentals of Peer Education 3
HIST 1050 The U.S.: From Settlement to Superpower 3
ESOL 2903 Cross-Cultural Studies 3
EDUC 3525 Practices of Instruction 3
EDUC 3535 Educational Assessment 3
HIST 2150 Latin American and Caribbean History 3
EDUC 2010 Foundations of Education 3
ESOL 3340 Survey of TESOL for Teachers 3
EDUC 3350 Survey of Exceptional Student Education 3
POLS 1200 Intro to Political Science 3
HIST 3550 America Transformed 3
ESOL 4565 Second Language Learning 3
SECE 4320 Secondary Classroom Management in Multicultural Settings 3
SECE 3530 Methods of Teaching Secondary Social Studies 3
GEOG 2050 Survey of Geography 3
ECN 2025 Principles of Macroeconomics 3
SECE 4560 Methods of Teaching Secondary Reading 3
EDUC 4010 Foundations of Curriculum Development 3
POLS 1010 American Government and Politics 3
SOCL 1020 Intro to Sociology 3
HIST 1170 The World: From Gatherers to Globalization 3
HIST 1120 The West: Patricians, Serfs, and Citizens 3
Florida Teacher Cert. Exam. - Subject Area Examination
Florida Teacher Cert. Exam. - Professional Educator Test
SECE 4565 Teaching Controversial Topics in Social Studies 3
EDUC 4510 Diversity and Ethics 3
EDUC 2505 Practicum I 1
EDUC 3505 Practicum II 1
EDUC 4505 Advanced Practicum 1
SESS 4570 Secondary Social Studies Education Internship 12
Total Major Credits 84

See the entire program at a glance. The four-year plan of study will assist you in planning your future at NSU. It presents an overall idea of the order in which courses might be taken in a four-year plan during a student's college career. 

2021-2022 4-Year Plan of Study

2022-2023 4-Year Plan of Study

2023-2024 4-Year Plan of Study

2024-2025 4-Year Plan of Study

Plans of Study for 3+1 Students

2023-2024 4-Year Plan of Study for 3+1 Students

2024-2025 4-Year Plan of Study for 3+1 Students

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