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Bachelor's in Secondary Biology Education Curriculum

Nova Southeastern University’s Bachelor of Science in Secondary Biology Education focuses on developing teacher-leaders by providing them with a comprehensive set of courses specifically designed for biology instruction and a specialty component that includes a variety of science courses that comprise the content of the Florida Department of Education-approved Secondary Biology Education major.


The bachelor's program in Secondary Biology Education comprises 122 credit hours. The program consists of a general education section, a core course section and the concentration.

*RAZT 1050 Fundamentals of Peer Education 3
PHYS 1020 Concepts in Physical Science 3
BIOL 1040 Environmental Studies 3
BIOL 1070 Basics in Human Heredity 3
ESOL 2903 Cross-Cultural Studies 3
EDUC 3525 Practices of Instruction 3
EDUC 3535 Educational Assessment 3
BIOL 2400 Applied Microbiology 3
BIOL 1500 Biology I/Lab 3
EDUC 2010 Foundations of Education 3
ESOL 3340 Survey of TESOL for Teachers 3
EDUC 3350 Survey of Exceptional Student Education 3
BIOL 1510 Biology II/ Lab 3
ESOL 4565 Second Language Learning 3
SECE 4320 Secondary Classroom Management in Multicultural Settings 3
SECE 3550 Methods of Teaching Secondary Science 3
BIOL 3320 Anatomy and Physiology I/Lab 3
SECE 4560 Methods of Teaching Secondary Reading 3
EDUC 4010 Foundations of Curriculum Development 3
Florida Teacher Cert. Exam - General Knowledge Test
BIOL 3200 General Ecology/ Lab 3
CHEM 1100 Fundamentals of Chemistry 3
MATH 2020 Applied Statistics 3
Florida Teacher Cert. Exam. - Subject Area Examination
Florida Teacher Cert. Exam. - Professional Educator Test
SECE 4550 Teaching Inquiry Science in Secondary Schools 3
EDUC 4510 Diversity and Ethics 3
EDUC 2505 Practicum I 1
EDUC 3505 Practicum II 1
EDUC 4505 Advanced Practicum 1
SEBI 4570 Secondary Biology Education Internship 12
Total Major Credits 91

*RAZT 1050 is required for all students in the Shark Teach Program

See the entire program at a glance. The four-year plan of study will assist you in planning your future at NSU. It presents an overall idea of the order in which courses might be taken in a four-year plan during a student's college career. 

2021-2022 4-Year Plan of Study

2022-2023 4-Year Plan of Study

2023-2024 4-Year Plan of Study

2024-2025 4-Year Plan of Study

Plans of Study for 3+1 Students

2023-2024 4-Year Plan of Study for 3+1 Students

2024-2025 4-Year Plan of Study for 3+1 Students

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