NCATE Accreditation

NCATE Accredited

Applied Research


The mission of the Applied Research Center is to improve and affect teaching and learning by guiding best practices. We are dedicated to providing academic research leadership via the manifestation of strategic research goals using measurable standards. Research is distinguished by a theory-to-practice model encompassing a diversity of domains. The Applied Research Center is committed to academic pre-eminence in establishing FCE as a world-class school.


  1. The promotion of quality applied research for faculty and students. 
  2. The expectation of the following in all research activity and processes: rigor in research processes, consistency, ethics, creativity, critical thinking, problem solving, and lifelong learning. 
  3. The encouragement of cooperation and collaboration among research communities. 
  4. The smooth transition of the recommended core research courses into doctoral curricula in an appropriate and timely manner. 
  5. The promotion of academic growth for faculty, students, and adjunct faculty through presentations, publications, research articles, and other professional contributions. 
  6. The assurance that applied research is an integral part of all program components.
  7. The delivery of quality instruction in research, assessment, and evaluation. 
  8. The promotion of the use and integration of technology in research activity. 
  9. The development and maintenance of research resources. 
  10. The development of a partnership with the university library.