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Minor In Speech-language Pathology

The speech-language pathology minor provides students with a basic understanding of communication sciences and disorders. All courses offered in the minor are offered only in the evenings at the Main Campus. All speech-language pathology courses are only available to degree seeking students.

Courses in the Minor (18 credits)

All students minoring in speech-language pathology will need to complete the following:

CSAD 3010 - Phonetics (3 credits)
This class will cover the study of the history, theory and application of phonetics. Students review sampling and transcription techniques and applications to clinical practice.
Pre-Requisites: CSAD 2010

CSAD 3020 - Anatomy and Physiology of the Speech-Language and Hearing Mechanisms (3 credits)
This course is an introduction to the anatomy and physiology of the auditory and vocal mechanisms.
Pre-Requisites: BIOL 1100, PHYS 1020

CSAD 3030 - Speech-Language Development (3 credits)
Study of prelinguistic and psycholinguistic variables related to normal development from infancy through adolescence.
Pre-Requisites: CSAD 3025, PSYC 1020

CSAD 3040 - Neuroanatomy (3 credits)
This course provides an introduction to the gross structure of the brain and spinal cord and functional relationship of their parts with emphasis on the auditory and vestibular peripheral and central nervous systems.
Pre-Requisites: CSAD 3020

CSAD 3050 - Hearing and Speech Science (3 credits)
This course covers the nature of sound, sound transmission, and units of measurement necessary to understand the physiologic, acoustic, and perceptual parameters of hearing and speech production. A basic review of instrumentation and technology available and utilized in speech, hearing, and language research, intervention and assessment is provided.
Pre-Requisites: CSAD 3020

CSAD 4050 - Audiology (3 credits)
Instruction in test administration and interpretation of standard and specialized tests of auditory function.
Pre-Requisites: CSAD 3050

Other courses required before beginning a graduate program of study in Speech-Language Pathology:

CSAD 3060 - Directed Observation (1 credit)
Students must observe twenty-five clinical clock hours of evaluation and treatment by an ASHA certified and state licensed SLP as an orientation to the clinical aspect of speech-language pathology. Observation hours must be completed at university-affiliated sites and must precede clinical assignments.
Pre-Requisites: CSAD 4010, CSAD 4030

CSAD 4010 - Evaluation of Speech-Language Disorders (3 credits)
Principles of screening and evaluation of clients typically seen in a clinic, school, hospital or nursing home settings, including administration of specific evaluation instruments.
Pre-Requisites: CSAD 3010, CSAD 3030

CSAD 4030 - Treatment of Speech-Language Disorders (3 credits)
Overview of communication disorders, professional terminology, and intervention strategies.
Pre-Requisites: CSAD 3010, CSAD 3030

CSAD 4070 - Rehabilitation for the Hearing Impaired (3 credits)
Prevention and remediation of communication problems resulting from hearing impairment, in populations from birth to geriatrics.
Pre-Requisites: CSAD 3030, CSAD 4010, CSAD 4030, CSAD 4050

Coursework for the minor in Speech Language & Pathology is available for traditional students and working professionals at NSU’s Main Campus in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

Financial Aid: 1-800-806-3680

Enrollment Counselor: 1-800-986-3223 Ext. 28500

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