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Minor In Physical Education

The Physical education minor is designed for individuals who wish to complete coursework towards the Florida Department of Education certification track in Physical Education for teaching physical education at the elementary, middle school and secondary levels. The minor coursework is designed to offer students the opportunity to advance their understanding of physical education and explore its variety of applications ranging from the teaching methods and coaching to the prevention and care of athletic injuries. Additionally, students will learn about the organization and administration of physical education as a tool to promote and sustain physical education in the K-12 school.

Students must have a minimum of 30 and no more than 90 credits to enroll in these courses. In addition, the required 10 hours of field experiences for each course must be completed in an area elementary, middle, or high school. Students will be required to complete any security clearance processes required by the local school district. For more information regarding policies and necessary procedures, please refer to the following Web site: Office of Placement Services.

Courses in the Minor (19 credits)

All students minoring in physical education will need to complete the following:

ATTR 1300 - Emergency Care and First Aid (3 credits)
Please refer to the Course Catalog or contact Academic Services.
Pre-Requisites: None

PHED 3200 - Methods of Teaching Physical Education (3 credits)
This course involves the study and practical application of the instructional design and content of physical education for grades K-12. It is designed to offer the student with the knowledge base, skills, methodology, and techniques to teach a full range of activities to elementary, middle, and secondary students in these grades. Instructional content and curriculum will include recreational team sports, individual lifetime sports, and personal fitness/wellness activities.
Pre-Requisites: None

PHED 3300 - Physical Education Administration (3 credits)
This course is designed to acquaint individuals in the management and operations of physical education. This course provides the philosophy and policies in administration of program planning and management. Classroom management, professional ethics, and legal issues are reviewed as it pertains to physical education.
Pre-Requisites: None

PHED 3400 - Physical Education Principles and Practices in Coaching (3 credits)
This course provides foundation principles and techniques related to coaching in schools (K-12) in various team and individual sports. Other topics include principles of: coaching, behavior, teaching, physical training, and management. In addition to class meetings, at least six hours of field experience are required.
Prerequisites: None

EXSC 3700 - Kinesiology (3 credits)
Please refer to the Course Catalog or contact Academic Services.
Pre-Requisites: None

EXSC 3740 - Exercise Physiology with Lab (4 credits)
Please refer to the Course Catalog or contact Academic Services.
Pre-Requisites: None

Financial Aid: 1-800-806-3680

Enrollment Counselor: 1-800-986-3223 Ext. 28500

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