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Education Minor (Professional Training Option)

Nova Southeastern University’s Education Professional Training Option (PTO) is approved by the Florida Department of Education (FDOE) as an alternative route to teacher certification for students majoring in the content areas of Biology, English, General Science, History, and Mathematics. Through the PTO coursework, students will receive preservice teacher training in the Florida Educator Accomplished Practices (FEAPS). Students who successfully complete the PTO will be eligible to obtain a professional license after successfully teaching for one year in a Florida public school district, passing the relevant Florida Teacher Certification Examination sub-tests, and any other requirements the FDOE deems necessary. Additionally, the required field experiences for each course must be completed within an elementary, middle, or high school. Students will be required to complete any security clearance processes required by the local school district.

COURSE Requirements (21 credits)

All candidates pursuing the PTO will need to complete the following:

Course Number Course Title and Description Credits
ESOL 3340 Survey of TESOL for Teachers 3
EDUC 3360 Educational Psychology 3
EDUC 3535 Educational Assessment 3
EDUC 4514 General Methods in Field Experiences 3
SECE 4320 Secondary Classroom Management 3
SECE 4560 Methods of Teaching Secondary Reading 3
Students must complete one 3 credit methods course that corresponds to their major from the following list:
SECE 3530 Methods of Teaching Secondary Social Studies 3
SECE 3550 Methods of Teaching Secondary Science 3
SECE 3540 Methods of Teaching Secondary Mathematics I 3
SECE 4370 Methods of Teaching Secondary English 3


Financial Aid: 1-800-806-3680

Enrollment Counselor: 1-800-986-3223 Ext. 28500

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