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Welcome to Doctoral Studies Orientation

DSO Requirement

The Doctoral Studies Orientation, DSO 8000, is the first requirement for all new students entering the doctoral program. The purpose of the DSO is to provide an overview of six areas critical to helping ensure success for doctoral students beginning the Ed.D. Program. This non-credit course is a mandatory requirement for all doctoral students admitted to Nova Southeastern University’s Abraham S. Fischler College of Education. Students must register for and complete the online orientation in the first term along with the first credit-bearing course.

Registration Procedures

Registration & Term Schedule

Delivery Method

The DSO is presented in a fully on-line format via Blackboard. If you require instructions for accessing Blackboard, a tutorial is available at the following link: The course will first be available in Blackboard as of the start date of the term for which you register for the DSO, or within 24 hours of the processing of the registration any time after the term start date.

Getting Started in Blackboard

To begin DSO in Blackboard, click on the DSO 8000 course listed in “Course List”. Next, click on the link on the left side entitled “Click Here to Start“. Choose the Doctoral Studies Orientation -CLICK HERE option. On the opening page you will find links to six modules:

  • Office of Academic Affairs - a synopsis of the program and concentrations
  • Student Services - academic planning, admission support, advising, registration
  • Library - assistance with research needs, key resources, searches and results
  • Debt Management - guidance to responsible borrowing, financial aid resources
  • Blackboard Tutorial - online application used to deliver doctoral program instruction
  • The Applied Research Center - dissertation process and benchmarks

Although we recommend you follow the modules in the above sequence, you may opt to complete them in any order you choose before moving to the next module. There is a brief quiz at the end of each module. You must score 100% on each of the quizzes before you can move to the next option. Once you complete all six modules (inclusive of scoring 100% on the quiz at the end of each module), proceed to the “Confirmation of Completion” link. Note: there is one question to be answered and submitted.

Once confirmed, you will have the option of completing the Final Quiz. In order to pass the Final Quiz successfully (which confirms that the orientation has been completed) you must receive a score of 40.5 (75%) or higher (out of 54 total). If you do not reach the minimum score, please go back to the Final Quiz and take it again until you pass. You may repeat the Final Quiz as many times as necessary to pass with a minimum score of 40.5 (75%).

If you pass the final quiz with a score of 40.5 (75%) or higher, do not return to the final quiz as it will be seen as an attempt to retake the quiz. As a result, the first passing score will not show and it will appear that you have not yet completed the DSO.

Best wishes as you embark on this exciting doctoral studies orientation! Your orientation is your first step into a much larger world of doctoral studies and scholarship.

Contact Us

Technical Difficulty: If you have any technical difficulty navigating through the orientation, please contact the NSU help desk: 954-678-4357 or email:

Doctoral Program Information: Counselors are available. You may reach a Doctoral Enrollment Counselor by calling 1-800-986-3223, extension 21558.

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