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Doctoral Studies Orientation FAQ

Students register for the DSO in the first term in which doctoral coursework (EDD 9200) is started.

Click on the link registration to find instructions and a registration schedule of upcoming Doctoral Studies Orientations.

Please contact a Doctoral Enrollment Counselor (1-800-986-3223, extension 21546) for assistance

The course will be available in Blackboard on the start date of the term.

The DSO 8000 course will appear in Blackboard under “course list.”

A tutorial provides instructions for accessing Blackboard, the online delivery format of the DSO. The tutorial is available at:

  1. In Blackboard, choose the Doctoral Studies Orientation course in the “course list.”
  2. Watch and listen to the introductory video
  3. Choose the link, “Click Here to Start”
  4. Open the file entitled “Doctoral Studies Orientation CLICK HERE”
  5. Begin by opening one of the following six modules:
    • Office of Academic Affairs
    • Enrollment Services
    • The Applied Research Center
    • Library
    • Debt Management
    • Blackboard

Although we recommend you follow the modules in the above sequence, you may opt to complete them in any order you choose before moving to the next module. There is a brief quiz at the end of each module. Once you complete all six modules (inclusive of the quiz at the end of each), proceed to the “Confirmation of Completion” link found back on the Home Page. Note: there is one question to be answered and submitted. Once confirmed, you will have the option of completing the Final Quiz, link found on the Home Page. You must receive a score of 75% or higher to pass the Doctoral Studies Orientation successfully. You may repeat the final quiz as many times as necessary to pass with a minimum of 75%.

If you have any technical difficulty navigating through the orientation, please contact the NSU help desk: 954-678-4357 or email:

It is highly recommended that you stay in close contact with your assigned Doctoral Enrollment Counselor. He/she will answer any questions regarding the DSO registration process, program status, and/or any degree requirements.

Passing the Final Quiz by 75% or more confirms that you have passed the orientation.

The final grade (P) will be officially posted at the end of the term.

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