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Secondary Mathematics Education (Florida State-Approved)

The Fischler College of Education is no longer accepting new applicants for this program.

Multiply your career possibilities. The M.S. in Education with a specialization in Secondary Mathematics Education has you covered.

This Florida-state-approved program prepares you with the specific knowledge, skills and experience to successfully design curriculum, assess performance and provide instruction for middle and secondary school mathematics students. You’ll learn how to help students develop problem-solving skills needed to develop an edge in subjects such as geometry, algebra, and calculus.

Delivery Options

Coursework for the Master of Science in Education with a specialization in Secondary Mathematics Education is conducted entirely online.

  • Completed admission application packet, including a $50 nonrefundable application fee made payable to Nova Southeastern University
  • Official transcript indicating conferral of a bachelor’s degree by a regionally accredited institution (2.5 minimum cumulative grade-point average required)
  • Official transcripts from all previously attended postsecondary institutions
  • Valid professional teaching certificate or temporary teaching certificate with passing scores for General Knowledge Test (GKT)

Additional Entrance Requirements

  • Valid Teaching Certificate (Temporary  or  Professional)

If entering with Temporary Teaching Certificate, please provide test scores:

  • General Knowledge Test (GKT), or
  • GRE score of 300 (combined verbal and quantitative scales only)
Course Number Course Title and Description Credits
CUR 0526 Educational Research for Practitioners 3
MAT 0522 Methods of Teaching Middle and Secondary Mathematics 3
MAT 0504 Algebra in Secondary Schools 3
MAT 0509 Learning and Teaching Geometry in the K -12 Classroom 3
MAT 0506 Strategies for Teaching Calculus 3
MAT 0507 Linear and Abstract Algebra for Teachers 3
MAT 0513 Problem-Solving Strategies in Mathematics Classrooms 3
MAT 0662 History, Current Trends, and Technology in Mathematics Education 3
MAT 0687 Diagnosis and Remediation of Learning Difficulties in Mathematics 3
MAT 0511 Teaching Probability and Statistics in the K -12 Classroom 3
MAT 0508 Conquering the Teaching of Calculus 3
MAT 0697 Applied Professional Experience in Mathematics Education 3


The applied professional experience is the capstone in the completion of this program. Conducted in an appropriate educational setting, candidates will maintain reflective journals and create files of samples of their students' work and the assessment instruments used to demonstrate achievement of the state professional and content standards. All applied professional experiences are accompanied by a portfolio detailing the rationale, process, and evaluation of the project. This course is one of the many practical applications included in the program.

The master of science in education degree program with a specialization in secondary mathematics education (state- approved in Florida) meets all requirements of the Florida Department of Education secondary mathematics education (grades 6–12) add-on certification.

Florida participates in the Interstate Agreement on Qualification of Educational Personnel with 38 other states for teacher certification and/or licensure. Graduates who wish to teach outside the state of Florida must contact the state’s department of education for information for attaining certification through reciprocity.

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