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Fischler Academy

The Fischler Academy Experience

The Fischler Academy is a combined Bachelor’s and Master’s degree program designed for traditional undergraduate students who wish to become teacher leaders. The Fischler Academy is an experiential, project-driven, mastery-based program combining cutting-edge teaching pedagogies in a highly personalized learning environment.

Click below to see what to expect each year of the program:  

Fall Semester: Students will participate in an ‘early immersion’ experience as part of their First Year Seminar program. This immersive experience will be coordinated with either NSU’s University School or one of the Broward County Public Schools, allowing students to gain an early ‘taste’ of life as a teacher.

Winter Semester: Interested students will have an opportunity to train to become University tutors with NSU’s Tutoring and Testing Center Students or SI Leaders in University courses (earning $1,100 per course) with high ‘DFW’ rates to improve overall student achievement, retention, and graduation. Students will also be inducted into Kappa Delta Pi national education fraternity.

International Travel: Students will travel internationally (with a faculty member) as part of ‘Fischler International’, studying the educational system of a country selected by the student’s cohort. Flight, rooms, and selected meals will be provided by the University during the student’s spring break. (Update: All international travel study experiences scheduled for 2021 have been postponed until further notice.)

Winter Semester: Students will be embedded in a local public, charter, or private school whereby they will complete their required internship. Hosting mentor-teachers will be afforded a three (3) credit scholarship to NSU’s Fischler College of Education to further advance their credentials in either a Master’s or Doctoral degree as remuneration.

Fall/Winter Semester: Students will work daily as ‘full-time pool substitute teachers’ in conjunction with local public, charter, and private schools, earning the daily localized average of $119 per day, all the while gaining valuable experience. Due to this daily schedule, remaining course competencies will be offered in the evenings and online. This mastery-based training is offered through an infusion of the Sanford Inspire Program and expert guidance from our innovative faculty.

Winter Semester: Students will interview and receive guaranteed job offer for the following school year in one of Florida's largest county public school systems (Broward, Miami Dade, Palm Beach, Pinellas, The Archdiocese of Miami).



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