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Higher Education Leadership & Instructional Technology

Create real change with the Department of Higher Education Leadership & Instructional Technology. The department provides advanced graduate study from the master's through doctoral levels to prepare leaders, researchers, and policy makers in local, state, national, and global organizations as well as training organizations, government, business, industry, and military. Leadership programs focus on leadership theories, worldviews, ethical leadership, communication, and the application of leadership knowledge and skills in the field. Programs in technology emphasize distance education, instructional technology, and systems change. Both can help you attain a competitive advantage in the job market, given their emphasis on field-based practice and research-driven decision making.

The doctoral concentrations available through this department are Organizational Leadership (ORGL), Higher Education Leadership (HEL), Instructional Technology and Distance Education (ITDE), and Human Services Administration (HSA). At the educational specialist level, we offer the specialization of Curriculum, Instruction, Management, and Administration (CIMA).  At the master’s level, we offer two specializations: Leadership (MSL) and Curriculum, Instruction, and Technology (CIT).


Message from the Department Chair

Wayne Driscoll

Welcome to the Department of Higher Education Leadership & Instructional Technology (HELIT)!

HELIT offers master’s and doctoral level programs that prepare students to make a difference in local, state, national, and global agencies, organizations, and institutions. Today, these institutions and organizations are experiencing unprecedented change in accountability, oversight, and government regulation. This requires leaders who possess not only the skills to navigate these unchartered areas, but also to strategize and delineate the current landscape. Our experienced faculty will challenge your perceptions of—and approaches to—leadership while empowering you to rethink and redefine the art of change. Our graduates often assume senior positions in leadership, policymaking, technology, and research. If you want to be among those pioneers who are having a transformative impact on institutions and organizations, then HELIT is the place for you! 

Our faculty and staff are student-focused and are available to help you. Graduate-level education is the pinnacle of educational achievement. It is a time-consuming and sometimes difficult journey—but a journey on which you will have guides and companions. Please explore our website to find the degree that best complements your aspirations and career plans.


Wayne Driscoll, Ed.D.
Department Chair/Assistant Professor
Higher Education Leadership & Instructional Technology (HELIT)
Abraham S. Fischler College of Education
Nova Southeastern University

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