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Educational Leadership & School Administration

Targeting trailblazers of the future, the Department of Educational Leadership and School Administration prepares candidates for leadership roles and life-learning skills in the field of education. Through best practices and practical application, our programs address knowledge and skills, inquiry and research, problem solving, collaboration and communication, professional development, ethical behavior, high-order thinking skills, allocating resources, managing curriculum, and analysis and self reflection.

As a graduate of the department, you will become a leader in the field, helping to improve schools and other learning environments. You'll provide visionary leadership, implement educational improvement, and collaborate in decision making, strategic planning and evaluation.

Message from the Department Chair

Welcome to the Department of Educational Leadership & School Administration!

Our primary mission is to expertly train individuals who are seeking master’s, educational specialist, or doctoral degrees in the fields of education, leadership, school administration, policy development, and instructional curriculum. Through our diverse practitioner-based faculty that includes former principals, superintendents, government employees, and public officials, you will gain unprecedented experience-base knowledge that goes well beyond theory-based learning.

We offer an experiential approach to learning that encompasses full immersion in and practical application of concepts taught through our course curriculum to include leadership, strategic planning, policy, finance and budgeting, assessment and curriculum, legal and ethical issues, and other current topics in our concentrations. We are dedicated to preparing our students for the challenges, triumphs, and success they will achieve once they complete our program.

In addition, for doctoral students, we will mentor, guide, and provide you with the tools, research, and expertise to finalize your dissertation. This helpful, high impact, engaging approach allows you to know that your success is attainable with our program! Want to learn more about what makes us the best fit for you? Check out our website to find the degree and concentration that will best fit what you are looking to achieve.

Sharon A. Santilli, Ed.D.
Department Chair
Educational Leadership & School Administration
Abraham S. Fischler College of Education
Nova Southeastern University

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