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Teamwork: Parents & Teachers

Elizabeth Lustig, M.S.

“One of the greatest benefits of earning my degree at the Fischler College of Education and Human Services was the fact that my professors were practicing administrators who worked in the educational community on a daily basis. I continued to teach while I studied, and the genuine, first-hand knowledge of the realities and challenges of the school system that they imparted inspired me to persevere and help my students overcome their barriers to achievement.”

I teach at a school with a primarily Haitian population. Many of our students’ families are not fluent in English, and their involvement in the school suffers because of this. I believe that in order to increase parental involvement, you have to include parents in education. When you do, these parents go on to succeed in the workplace, to have professional careers, and to motivate their kids to want to learn and strive for more.

When a mother is carrying books and studying, her child wants to follow her example and study as well. The support I received from everyone at the Fischler College eased my path to academic success and further convinced me that in order to succeed scholastically, children need the support of their families and families need the support of the school.”

Elizabeth Lustig is a first grade teacher at Forest Park Elementary in Boynton Beach, Florida. For over 15 years, she has been teaching intermediate grades in Palm Beach County, working primarily with the Haitian-Creole community.

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