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APSI 2018

Kimberly E. Cruz

Kimberly E. Cruz, Ed.S., is an AP Psychology guru who has taught in Florida, Georgia, North Carolina, and nationally. She has been teaching for 17 years, face-to-face and virtually. As an AP Psychology facilitator for the Local Advanced Placement Credentialing (LAPC) Committee, Kimberly loves to help teachers style their classrooms for success and optimal conditions! Kimberly has experience as an AP Psychology reader, AP Psychology exam question writer, and Praxis Psychology exam question writer.  Additionally, she served on the advisory committee for Myers' for AP Psychology 2nd and 3rd Editions.

With experience as an adjunct professor and in teaching AP Psychology, she spans the spectrum of superb qualifications as your AP Psychology Consultant. Kimberly also served on the American Psychological Association’s Teachers of Psychology in Secondary Schools (TOPSS) Affiliate as the Membership Chair. She was the Florida Social Studies Teacher of the Year (2012) and strives to bring innovative, enriching ideas for experienced AP Psychology teachers to the APSI.

Kimberly believes teaching is about relevance in our current world and the role of education is to learn for positive change by framing the mind of the educator for exceptional student services to promote quality, academic competitiveness and consistency, and grander opportunity of each unique academic experience. 

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