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Final Approval Process

Steps in the Applied Dissertation Final-Approval Process

  1. After the dissertation committee member enters their approval in the ADRIANA system, the student must submit their document to the Plagiarism Check assignment in the DSS Canvas course. The student must upload their document, download the originality report, and address any areas of concern. The student then sends to the dissertation chair for review, additional assistance/revisions if needed, and approval. The student will then upload the final version of the Final AD and the originality report in the appropriate areas in ADRIANA so the chair can enter their approval.
  2. After the dissertation committee chair enters their approval in the ADRIANA system, the final-review process is initiated. The student will receive confirmation by NSU e-mail that the manuscript approved by the committee (and uploaded by the student in the ADRIANA system) will be reviewed for format.
  3. Most applied dissertations are reviewed for format within 15 business days. The format review will be posted in the ADRIANA system. If revisions are required, the student and the committee chair will be notified by NSU e-mail to log on to the ADRIANA system to read the review. The format-review phase continues until all major format issues have been resolved.
  4. Upon approval for the format review (whether by the first submission or by a subsequent revision), the student and committee chair will receive notification through NSU e-mail that the final-approval process has been completed. (The format review in the ADRIANA system may include directions for minor corrections that need to be made in the final copies.) The notification of completion will include specific directions to the student for sending the final copies to the Abraham S. Fischler College of Education.
  5. When all required documents are received, documentation of the student’s fulfillment of requirements will be sent to the college's degree conferral office. The university registrar will then post a grade for the applied dissertation.
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