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The College of Education is led by a dynamic team of experienced education executives representing a broad diversity of business, education, development and organizational skills. Administrative and developmental responsibilities fall to the Executive Team, while academic program leadership is directed by the deans of each respective academic unit.

Executive Team

Dean Kim Durham

Kimberly Durham, Psy.D.
Phone: (954) 262-8731

Jorge Blanco
Jorge Blanco, Ed.D.
Assistant Dean for Finance and College Operations
Phone: (954) 262-8528


Marcelo Castro, Psy.D.
Professor / Director of Ph.D. Program, Criminal Justice
Dept. of Justice and Human Services
Phone: (954) 262-7808Email:

Judith Coughlin, Ph.D.
Department Chair/Associate Professor
Phone: (954) 262-7943Email:

Wayne Driscoll, Ed.D.
Department Chair/Associate Professor
Phone: (954) 262-8640Email:

Adriana Garay, M.B.A
Executive Director of Recruitment & Admissions
Phone: (954) 262-8505Email:

Heather J. Holliday, Ed.D.
Director, Enrollment Marketing Strategy & Writing
Phone: (954) 262-8282Email:

Tammy Kushner, Psy.D.
Executive Director of Administration / Assistant Professor
Dept. of Justice and Human Services
Phone: (954) 262-7001Email:

Jamie Manburg, Ed.D.
Associate Dean for Assessment, Accreditation & Administration
Phone: (954) 262-8466Email:

Dana Scott Mills, Ph.D.
Associate Dean, Research and Student Affairs/Assistant Professor
Assistant Professor
Phone: (954) 262-7818Email:

Kenneth Rockensies
Kenneth Rockensies, Ed.D.
Associate Dean for Academic Affairs/Program Professor
Phone: (954) 262-8518

Jessica Rodriguez, M.P.A.
Director of Communications and Alumni Affairs
Phone: (954) 262-8602

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