NCATE Accreditation

NCATE Accredited

Professional Development

About CALL Fischler

College of EducationCALL Fischler is the professional development hub of Fischler College of Education providing training, support, and services to key target markets including school systems, higher education institutions, leisure-learning adults and third-agers (those seeking to change careers).

Center for Academic Tutoring, Coaching and Help (CATCH)

The center will provide counseling, guidance, skills training and motivation to K-12, undergraduate, graduate students, and new professionals, such as teachers, principals, and support staff. CATCH will also conduct a number of assessment tests to help establish the client’s most efficient way of learning and style of thinking. The center will work with the students to develop a long-term strategy to meet the individual goals of that student while providing ongoing support and direction to help the student prioritize and focus on the achievement of those goals.

Center for Helping Charter Schools Improve their Academic Rigor, Train Board Members, Teachers, and Administrators, Educate Tomorrow’s Leaders, and Reform Schools (CHARTERS)

This center helps charter schools chart their course for success through innovative professional seminars offered through the National Institute for Educational Options (NIEO) and CALL Fischler.

Center for Higher Education Excellence, Resources, and Services (CHEERS)

The center will provide education, training, and resources to institutions of higher education (including community colleges and technical institutes), higher education professionals in administrative positions, and those seeking faculty positions in any of these types of institutions

Center for Leadership and Academic Services to Schools (CLASS)

The center will provide education and training to improve classroom instruction, build learning communities, and offer Distant Learning Leadership Certification Programs for those in K-12 education. The focus will be on improving overall student performance through services provided to administrators, teachers, and staff.

Center for Leadership in Environmental Advocacy and Regulation (CLEAR)

This center provides education and training courses, training-to-credit courses, and a learning lattice for those interested in all aspects of sustainability

Center for Overcoming Violence through Education and Resolution (COVER)

COVER will provide professional development training in conflict management and conflict transformation to schools, workplaces, organizations, and community service agencies upon request.

Center of Meaningful Personal Enrichment and Learning (COMPEL)

The center will provide services to adults interested in education and training for personal enrichment and learning.

Inclusion Center of Leadership for Understanding Diversity in Education

For more information regarding specific Professional Development and Training options, please contact Karen D. Bowser, D.Ed.

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