NCATE Accreditation

NCATE Accredited

Certificate Programs

The College of Education certificates are intended for professional development and/or recertification purposes. Each certificate program has been uniquely designed for the intended specialty area. These certificates are not designed for alternative route to licensure or initial teacher certification/licensure. 

Undergraduate Certificates

Graduate Certificates


As a certificate/non-degree seeking student, you are not guaranteed acceptance into a degree-seeking program. After enrolling in the non-degree course(s), you must submit a new application to become degree seeking. The student must also meet the requirements for admission of the intended program of study.

Non-degree seeking students are eligible to enroll in a maximum of 16 credit hours with the exception of the Certificate of Educational Leadership Modified Core.

Effective summer 2014, the Distance Educator (F948) and Educational Leadership Modified Core (A542) certificate programs are eligible for financial aid.