Fischler Academy: An elite teacher preparatory program

Do you have what it takes to become a teacher leader?

Great teachers have the power to inspire generations of students, and make their mark on the world through their creativity, passion, and ability to connect with people. Nova Southeastern University’s Fischler College of Education has developed a unique program designed to shape aspiring educators into master teachers.

The program, known as The Fischler Academy, incorporates cutting-edge teaching strategies, a mastery-based curriculum, and an active learning environment, culminating in a full-time teaching position.

Why choose NSU's Fischler Academy?

  • Earn a bachelor's AND a master's degree in just 4 years
  • Enjoy a highly personalized learning environment
  • Keep college costs down with a $17,000 annual tuition scholarship
  • Participate in a FREE international travel experience
  • Guarantee yourself a job offer in one of Florida's largest school districts

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Take the next step toward your future in education!
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Take the next step toward your future in education!

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